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        The Free-ID network is a property identification, recovery management service for individuals  and small business.  We can help you protect just about any physical item from laptops, smart phones, personal property, office equipment, medical devices to contractors tools and heavy equipment just to name a few. If it can be labeled, etched, engraved or marked with your Free-ID code we can help you protect it. The best thing is membership to the Free-ID Network is exactly that - FREE! 

Some Typical Uses

    Free-ID makes it easy to protect your valuable items. With our identification code system,  valuables are identified  while maintaining the privacy of the owner. No longer put private information such as your drivers license number on your valuables for all the world to see!   

       Our found item reporting center is available 24 hours a day - 365 days a year.      Making it easy to report finding your valuable from anywhere at anytime.

      Free-ID also gives law enforcement a way to trace the ownership of items recovered in various law enforcement operations. A Free-ID code enables pawn brokers a way to see if the person before them is the holder of record of the Free-ID code on any items being pawned. We are here to help you keep your valuables without your personal information being emblazoned on everything you own.

      Free-ID believes that honesty should be rewarded. When someone finds, reports and returns an item with our ID label on it, Free-ID will provide a reward, at no cost to you! (You can also provide an additional cash reward to the finder if you so desire). Free-ID handles the entire transaction, further insuring your privacy. **

**  - See Terms and Conditions